Advanced Education Program (AEP)


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What is the Advanced Education Program (AEP)?

This is an after school program that offers services for students who are struggling within the classroom.

This program will provide each student with individualized support and services to help them achieve goals created by the teacher, parents and the AEP teacher. 

What types of services will my child receive when enrolled in the AEP? 

Each student will receive an individualized education plan that states long term and short term goals, a program plan and a progress tracking sheet so parents can see the growth their student is making.

The goals will be created as collaboration between parents, teachers and the AEP teacher.  Parents must approve goals before they are implemented into the program.

As an extra support for each student the AEP teacher will collaborate with the students regular school day teacher making suggestions as to what types of techniques and procedures can help your student be more successful within the classroom each school day.

The AEP teacher will work with each student to reach individual goals which can include but are not limited to increasing attention span, improving social skills, improving language skills, improving fine or gross motor skills and improving academic skills. 

When does the AEP take place?

There will be two AEP sessions each afternoon Monday through Friday. 

Session 1- 2:00-3:30

Session 2- 3:45- 5:00

Who qualifies?

Students with any kind of special need qualify for this program. This includes but is not limited to a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD or any type of syndrome. 

My child has no diagnosis, can he/she still qualify?

Yes! Students whose academic progress is affected by significant delays academically, socially or emotionally can still qualify for this program.

Can students not enrolled at BBS attend?

Yes! If someone you know has a student that could benefit from enrollment within this program simply have them call BBS and set up an evaluation to determine qualification for their student. 

Who will teach the AEP?

BBS will have Whitney Jones the current K4 teacher working as the AEP teacher each afternoon.

Whitney is a licensed Special Education teacher through the state of North Carolina.

She has worked for 2 years as a Special Education teacher within the United States working with students who range from mild to severe. She has also worked with students with special needs for 6 years.

She is qualified to teach both general curriculum and to adapt curriculum to meet the needs of individual students.

Whitney has an extensive background in behavior modification as well as working with students with limited language skills.

Whitney was awarded BBS teacher of the month in September 2014. 

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