Textbooks and school supplies are not included in the cost of tuition and / or disposable materials. They must be purchased for each student according to the list provided by the school.

For ease of parents, the school bursar is selling textbooks in English and supplies throughout the year. Textbooks in Spanish will be sold at school during the months of August and September.


  • Cellphone - If a student needs to bring to school a cellphone, he/she must give it to the office before going to class and will be returned at the end of the school day.

  • Electronic devices (laptops, iPad, tablet, etc.) - if needed for an activity, the teacher will provide the student a written matter specifying date and use authorization. The student will deliver the device to the teacher at the beginning of the day who will supervise their use until the end of the school day.

NOTE: If a student is found in violation of this policy will be removed the same until their parent / guardian present at school and become responsible.

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