Nursery to Preschool / K-2  to K-5

Arrival: 7:45 am

Departure: 2:00 pm

Elementary, Middle and High School / 1st to 12th Grade:

Arrival: 7:45 am

Departure: 2:45 pm Monday through Thursday

Departure: 2:00 pm Friday

The last Friday of each month we have workshops for Teachers so the departure 

is at 12:00 pm for all levels. The first workshop is schedule for the end of September. 

If there is any change you will be advised ahead of time. 

The school gates close at 8:00 am daily, please be punctual. Any student 

arriving after this time will not be admitted unless acompanied by a parent and a 

valid excuse. 

Students may only be picked up by an authorize parent or guardian. If they are

picked up by another person, an authorization is required. Such authorization form 

is provided at the school reception. 

For the students that are not picked up on time,  childcare fees will be charged.

Extended Hours

For daycare and kindergarden students, we offer extended hours service from 

2:00 pm to 2:45 pm. 

For all levels we offer extended hours until 5:00 pm with a monthly fee that varies 

according to the age. For more information , please contact us at the contact 

information below.

Special Programs for Students

Our center has special programs for reinforcement for students, including:

  • ESL / English as Second Language
  • Sports club

Note: Additional cost may apply in these cases.

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