The school demands within their regulations the full and proper use of school uniform:

DAILY UNIFORM - Kaki pants with school logo, white polo shirt with school logo, black or white socks, school closed shoes or black and brown leather strap chord.

UNIFORM PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS - dark blue trousers with school logo, white t-shirt with school logo, white socks, white or black tennis shoes (no decoration colors, cartoons and / or lights) NOT ALLOWED TENNIS OR TYPE CONVERSE VANS, white or blue cap with school logo.

UNIFORM SWIMMING - Swimsuit with school logo, blue or yellow cap with school logo, swimming glasses, sandals, sunscreen and thermal towel.

UNIFORM FRIDAY (OPTIONAL) - Pants long blue jeans classic (no blue light, no broken, drawings or decorations), t-shirt blue school, closed shoes.

COATS - coat with school logo.

School uniforms are on sale at the commissary school all year.


  • Students with incomplete or incorrect uniform will not be accepted in class.
  • Uniforms tight, short or broken.
  • Boys may not wear earrings of any kind or design.
  • Nails painted, piercing, tattoos, colorful accessories.

For days or color are not allowed:

  • shorts or mini skirts.
  • transparent blouses or shirts, short, low cut or sleeveless

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