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Welcome to Bavaro Bilingual School


Bavaro Bilingual School / BBS develops a bilingual academic education in English and Spanish, with the proper accreditation nationwide, offering a high level education, in familiar surroundings and staff where harmoniously reconciled affection , company,  interrelation, communication and teamwork in an organizational environment that optimizes the achievement of objectives from personal development.

Our curriculum consists of assignments required by the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic, grouped into areas of knowledge and languages. Our graduates, once approved 12th National Testing receive the Bachelor of General mode.

In a few years, the Bavaro Bilingual School / BBS has managed to become a nationally recognized institution for academic and athletic excellence, capable of confronting young forging academic and professional challenges in a highly competitive and globalized society.

We have a physical plant consists of 4 buildings where we host our spacious classrooms, computer labs, music and art, sports to practice volleyball, basketball, tennis and football games, café, 2 pools (learning and semi-Olympic) and administrative and spacious playgrounds and recreation offices.

BBS cares about students inculcate values ​​such as positive leadership, honesty and loyalty.

Our center participates in different clubs and competitions such as the International Conference of Latin America based in Dominican Republic / CILA, Coca Cola Cup Soccer, National Math Olympics, among others.

Our staff has degrees in education, masters and accreditation and is composed of national and foreign professionals. In support of our mission and beliefs, the school provides our teachers, a solid curricular programming to ensure that students receive properly the necessary learning skills.

Our students community is made up of students from 42 nationalities, so we promote from pre-school intercultural respect, positive, safe and stimulating for each student to develop their full potential.


  • Improving basic skills of reading - writing to enhance the academic and linguistic potential.
  • Development activities in science, to develop knowledge and positive concepts.
  • Implementation of music and art as an expression of knowledge.
  • Sports activities in order that strengthen teamwork in a climate of respect and responsibility.